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ERBE The Innovation in Electrosurgery

Electrosurgery is the most frequent surgical procedure performed in the OR. Nearly every operating room in the world has a high-frequency surgical device which is used in all surgical fields, in hospitals and at the offices of private practice physicians alike.

VIO® 3/APC3: the technology platform for standard and advanced endoscopy applications.

For many users we have been a trusted and indispensable partner for decades. The reason being: Erbe stands for high-tech and high quality. Their latest technology platform VIO® 3 with APC3 for endoscopy improves the reproducibility of target tissue effect with digital signal processors and 25 million measurements per second.

Erbe has shaped electrosurgery, developing it into today’s leading-edge operating room technology. This has made Erbe an essential and reliable partner for many users. VIO® 3 is yet another of their milestones in technology, following the ICC unit series and VIO® 300/200.

With its logical and intuitive interface, the VIO 3 is designed to ensure optimal user friendliness. The size of the touchscreen display alone speaks for itself: from the operating field, the surgeon always has a clear view of all control elements. As your stepGUIDE, VIO 3 provides guidance by suggesting experienced starting settings used in various clinical applications. This results in less setting adjustment or modifications.

VIO® 3 has the right mode for your application, supporting monopolar and bipolar techniques and Erbe’s proprietary hybrid technology – a combination of different technology. The effects can be selected in extremely fine increments using just one adjustment control. The change in effect is shown on the display. Vio’s modes are regulated to a constant voltage level continually adapting output power to changing parameters to achieve reproducible tissue effects. Fine adjustment has never been easier, simply by selecting an effect. You can choose from 19 finely-adjustable CUT and COAG modes.

With the support app, you can generate and update user programs using templates and archive these on Erbe’s server. The staff and distributers can update and upgrade your VIO® 3 on site using VIO® WiFi (PC or tablet). This gives you access to your own personal setting configurations anywhere, anytime.

VIO® 3 is also perfectly suited for advanced applications, such as ESD and POEM with preciseSECT.

VIO® 3 offers you all the suitable modes for your application, and your chosen working instrument (e.g. electrosurgical loop or needle). VIO® 3 regulates the modes to a constant voltage level, continually adapting the output power to changing parameters. This enables you to achieve reproducible tissue effects which are particularly relevant when operating in narrow lumens. It has never been easier to achieve the desired mode-specific tissue effect using just one setting – the effect setting. Optimized performance parameters in the endoCUT® Q enable the effective resection of various types of lesions. VIO® 3 achieves higher performance which proves beneficial in difficult anatomical areas, even in advanced applications, e.g. full wall resection (EFTR), ESD and POEM. Level 1 of the endoCUT® I has proven suitable for papillotomy of the pancreatic duct, without coagulation between the intermittent cutting cycles. 

All this amazing technology is now reachable, as we devoted ourselves to bring progress in our country and deliver the best product the world has to offer right now in terms of technology. GreeMed has succeeded once again, earning the trust of the giant manufacturer Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH and providing innovative solutions improving every aspect of endoscopic and open surgery.