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Silicone Wound Drainage System

In recent years, studies have demonstrated that the risk of wound infection can be reduced by careful wound management and adequate wound drainage. Post-operative wound drainage can be safe and easy. Surgical wound drainage is recognized as a key element in facilitating the healing process. Wound drainage systems are designed to allow enough moisture to remain in tissues to promote regeneration and lessen inflammation.



A drain is a tube that provides a way for unnecessary bodily fluids or air to flow out of the body from a wound. The purpose of the drain is to remove fluid and/or blood from the surgical area to help the healing process. A closed wound drainage system helps prevent any type of environmental contaminants from entering the wound or area being drained. In this system, the drain tubing connects to a reservoir that uses low negative pressure to draw fluid out of the wound incision via the drain.

Silicone provides biocompatibility, flexibility and great comfort to the patient by delivering low tissue responses to the wound, which minimizes possible tissue adhesion during the healing process and reduces tissue trauma when removing the drain, especially compared to drains made of other elastomers (PVC and latex).
Drains are available in a wide variety of sizes, types and configurations.

Silicone reservoirs are used to collect the exudate removed from the patient via drains for effective post-operative recovery. A reservoir provides both continuous suction pressure and a receptacle for fluid collection. Bulb Silicone walls provide easy activation of suction. No internal mechanism to interfere with emptying exudate. Negative pressure developed by the system is ranging from 25-75 mmHg.

All silicone devices are tested for haemocompatibility and biocompatibility.

Our silicone drains are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and types. All of them are manufactured with an ORX line and provided sterile with or without stainless steel trocar needle. Our oval-shaped silicone reservoirs are available in capacity of 100, 150, 200, or 400ml and include a non-return valve and a closing plug on the outlet. They are supplied sterile, with a single or double inlet for connection to drains. This system is able to apply enough negative pressure to maintain surface apposition in the healing wound. Infection control is becoming a high priority so Greemed, in collaboration with Chimed, offers you a certified and approved product that contributes to the prevention of costly surgical wound infections.