GreeMed S.A. aim for the highest standard of quality and intend to retain their position as a leading contracting organisation by continuing to provide client satisfaction and to generate further business opportunities through operating in a safe, efficient and profitable manner.

The principal aims of company are:

  • To have a real understanding of clients and their business requirements.
  • To strengthen relationships and encourage repeat business with existing clients.
  • To win work not solely on price but through innovation and added value.
  • To continually strive to improve our performance through analysis and continuous improvement of business processes.
  • To develop staff potential through the provision of appropriate training.
  • To engender a positive commitment to quality and create an environment of teamwork and cooperation that enables staff to work effectively.

The Directors of the company have specific responsibility for providing the necessary organisation and resources to implement this policy in all aspects of the business.

However, everyone working for GreeMed S.A. has a responsibility for ensuring the quality of their work and that of persons under their supervision. These responsibilities will be defined within the company procedures and project management plans.

GreeMed – Building Quality Together