About Us


GREEMED S.A. was incorporated on 21 January 2009. The management team remained the same and continues forward with an even deeper experience level, strong integrity and a renewed commitment to quality. It became actively involved in business by mid 2009 focusing on the business of supplying medical and surgical equipment, instruments, models, and medical disposable items. Its main customers are Government hospitals-main and peripheries, dental centers, health centers, and private medical centers.

Progressively it has gained the attention and confident from both sectors as one of the many suppliers that seriously taking great care of the after sales service. As the horizon of the new millennium sets in, bringing with it the challenges and multitask of the business tactics and techniques, GREEMED S.A. shall strives to maximize and realize its objective as one of the respected and acknowledged supplier in the medical sector.


The service name GREE comes from a hypothesis, Six De”gree”s of Separation postulated by social psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1967. Six degrees of separation is a hypothesis that everyone is approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth. If a chain of a friend of a friend statements are made, on average, any two people in the world can be connected in six steps or fewer.